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Membership of the a.s.b.l. is open to UK nationals living, studying and/or working in Luxembourg or the Greater Region and to Luxembourg nationals living, studying and/or working in the UK.

Joining gives you free or reduced price entry to otherwise chargable BRILL events and a subscription to our member's newsletter with the latest news and updates on the situation for UK citizens in Luxemburg after Brexit.
Your Membership fee is used to pay necessary BRILL expenses but all additional funds are donated to British in Europe to help cover travel and subsistence expenses for their continued advocacy work.
The BRILL Steering Committee are unpaid volunteers.

Individual membership: €25
Family membership: €40

Instructions on how to pay the membership fee will be sent to you when you complete the membership application form - click "SIGN UP" below.

When you register please tell us the skills that you could contribute to BRILL : (lawyer, web-designer, events organiser, translator, interpreter, …) in the "About Me" section of the registration form.

(NOTE: There are a number of required fields in the registration form - to allow us to send you postal mail for example and for building internal statistics on nationalities and languages - if you prefer not to give this information please type "withhed".  Our Privacy rules can be found at the bottom of this page - your personal data is not transferred to third parties.)

You can also join our Facebook group here: FACEBOOK GROUP

Renewing your Membership

You will be sent an e-mail when your membership of BRILL a.s.b.l. is due for renewal and this e-mail will include details of your membershp type, the fee to pay and the bank (IBAN) details.

If you don't have this e-mail and you want to renew your membership the IBAN number is given below under "Donations".

If you need any further information please contact us via the contact form.


All BRILL steering committee members are volunteers, and none of us can work full-time on BRILL activities.
If you do not want to become a member of BRILL a.s.b.l. but you would like to make a donation to British in Europe to help pay travel and other expenses incurred this would be more than welcome. 
Donations are allocated 100% to British in Europe.

Please send you donations to:
BRILL a.s.b.l.
IBAN: LU95 0019 5055 8208 4000

Please use "Donation" in the description on the virement to help us when we look at the bank account.  It would also help us if you would send us a short message via the contact form.

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