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Sat. 1 Feb, 2020

Brexit - A Vigil

Fri. 31 Jan, 2020 22:30 - Sat. 1 Feb, 2020 0:31

The departure of the UK from the European Union is significant on many levels: political, financial, cultural and practical. A decision has been made, and it will impact not only UK nationals, but all members of the EU.
We wish to mark this moment, with a time of reflection - taking stock of what has been and what will be changing in EU/UK relations and personally in the lives of individuals.
Various local organisations are coming together to host

Brexit - A Vigil
Friday 31st January

It is not only for UK nationals but people of all nationalities here in Luxembourg. The venue is inside and in the courtyard of the church of St Alphonse, rue des Capucins (Centre-Ville).
Although called a Vigil and in a Church building it is a non-religious event and open to all. It is also not the time for protest or debate, but for reflection and gathering together.
From midday to midnight the church will be open and there will be candles to light and a noticeboard where all can make postings about 3 Questions:

“While Britain has been part of the EU I have valued....”
“Now Britain is leaving I feel....”
“Now Britain is leaving I hope.....”

The focus of the vigil will be from 22:30 to midnight and beyond.
The organisers hope local, national and EU politicians will join in too.
It will include:

  • input on the 3 Questions from a range of speakers and those attending
  • music and a recital organised by David Pike
  • two minutes of shared silence
  • the singing of Auld Lang Syne accompanied by a bagpiper
  • tolling of the church bell
  • and a Coupe d'Amitié

BRILL asbl, the Anglican Church, Pulse of Europe, English-speaking Catholics, Europa-Union together warmly invite all to come along at some point, join with others, write a message, light a candle, pause and reflect - and enjoy refreshments.

All are very welcome.

Wed. 12 Feb, 2020

BRILL - Annual General Meeting (2018/2019)

Wed. 12 Feb, 2020 18:30 - 20:30

The 2018 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of BRitish Immigrants Living in Luxembourg a.s.b.l. will be held extraordinarily on Wednesday 12th February 2020 at 18h30 at St. George's School. 

If you were a subscribed member during the period 01/09/2018 to 31/08/2019 you have the right to vote at the AGM. 
Members with a "SINGLE" subscription have one vote; Members with a "FAMILY" subscription have two votes at a General Meeting.

The Agenda of the AGM is the following: 

1. Election of the Chair for the Meeting
2. Approval of the Agenda
3. Approval of the Minutes of the previous annual general meeting*
4. Chairman’s Report
5. Treasurer’s Report
6. Approval of the annual accounts for the year ending 31st August 2019
7. Approval of the budget for the year to 31st August 2020
8. Discharge of the members of the Steering Committee (conseil d’administration)
9. Election of members of the Steering Committee (conseil d’administration)
10. The future for the association:
Following on from the Chair’s report on past and planned activities the membership is asked to discuss and consider what projects the association (asbl) should undertake in the next year (to 31st August 2020) and how the membership sees the future of the asbl in the following years (to 31st August 2021 and beyond).
11. Any Other Business

*: The minutes of the last AGM will be displayed at this AGM

So that we can plan seating for the AGM please register above.

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 12th February.

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